Biomechanical Assessment

More than a gait analysis!

IMG_1168A biomechanical assessment is a detailed look at all the important areas during the running action. We will look at hip and core strength & control alongside video gait analysis to identify why you do the things you do (e.g. excessive pronation).

Pronation is just the beginning, there are many unwanted things that happen during running e.g. rotations at the hip and low back. All of which can predispose you to injury when the training load increases.







We can look at you walk or run with and without orthotics to show you real differences and from this we can compile an individualised training programme to work on your weak areas to improve your mechanics and reduce the risk of injury. So whether it’s an orthotic that you require or a period of hip strengthening or both, we’ll be able to discuss both aspects with you to determine the best solution for you.

So if you have a history of running related injuries, or if you just want to identify any areas of potential problems, come and see us!

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